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When Good Refrigeration Matters
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The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients and we invest considerable resources in selecting exceptional staff, developing their skills, and creating an environment for growth and experience.

Our staff include very experienced business and office managers, highly qualified tradespeople and product agencies. The diversity of background, discipline, gender and culture of our people ensures clients receive a balance of deep and broad expertise.

Meet and learn more about our people below:

Company Director
Sam Eyles

Sales Manager
Gary Richards

Service Manager
Jason Kardol

Project Manager
Josh Humphris

Finance Officer
Rebecca Ireland

Steven Stewart

Service Technician
Andrew Spears

Service Technician
Ali Gillard

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Ernesto Ramos

Installation Specialist
Shane Atkinson

Service Technician
Darryl Anderson

Service Technician
David Brunton

Service Technician
Shannon Fiorenza

Nick Sutcliffe-Woelders
Reece Webster
Josh Rodda

Warehouse Storeperson & Delivery Driver
Peter Evans